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    Medical Transcription
    E-Scribe, Inc. offers a wide range of medical transcription. We specialize in all disciplines of medical terminology as well as the transcription of medical conferences and symposiums.
    Our hospital typing experts are completely familiar with operation reports as well as discharge summaries.
    Our clinical transcript experts are equally schooled in consultation letters, file notes and initial evaluation reports.
    Through our drug company transcription experience, we are up-to-date on our knowledge of the newest drugs, drug combinations, pharmaceutical trials and protocols.
    Areas of Particular Specialty:
    Neurology Pediatrics Nephrology
    Neurosurgery Radiology Dermatology
    Otolaryngology Cardiology MRI/Ultrasound
    Chiropractics Orthopedics Gastroenterology
    Oncology Ophthalmology  
    Sports Medicine Internal Medicine  
    Plastic Surgery Psychiatry  
    Pulmonology Psychology  
    Rehabilitative Medicine Rheumatology  
    Ob/Gyn Dermatology  
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    General & Legal Transcription
    E-Scribe, Inc. is a federally approved transcription company which enables us to transcribe any federal court system proceeding or trial throughout the United States and its territories. This encompasses both the U.S. Federal Court System as well as the U.S. Bankruptcy Court System throughout. As well, we are thoroughly familiar with labor courts, mediation tribunals, immigration hearings, appellate divisions and civil/criminal small claims district proceedings.
    Our legal typists are experts in the transcription of all facets of legal documents including motions, mortgages, subpoenas, leases, depositions, deposition digests, etc.
    Our court reporter typists are thoroughly experienced in legal hearings and for all court transcriptions, we include word indexes and offer condensed transcript formats. As well, transcripts can be provided in ASCII format on floppy diskettes.
    E-Scribe, Inc. also transcribes audio and video taped depositions and recorded statements for insurance companies with regard to wrongful death cases, motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, no fault and workers compensation claims.
    In addition, we service private businesses in all facets of audio and video tape transcription. Video transcription services are provided in conjunction with time coding and/or insertion formatting. As well, E-Scribe, Inc. can also provide pre-programmed television and radio transcriptions with a turnaround time not to exceed 36 hours.
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    Word Processing
    In addition to transcription and phone-in services, E-Scribe, Inc. also provides word processing services in the form of mail merges, form letters, customized label production and printing, and database entry.
    As well, mailing lists can be rendered from audio-cassette taped responses with cataloguing by state field or zip code field.
    E-Scribe, Inc. utilizes all the standard market software applications such as PC Anywhere, Digital Voice Inc., Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect, Laplink, CRP Index, and various other associated/related industry applications.
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    Law Enforcement Agencies
    E-Scribe, Inc. is a federally approved transcription company providing transcription services to the law enforcement community throughout the United States. We provide services to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Drug Enforcement Agency, as well as transcribing body wires and phone taps for the U.S. Attorney General's Office as well as the State Attorney General's Office.
    We are experienced in the transcription of Civilian Complaint Review Board tapes as well as 911 emergency recordings.
    We also provide transcription to Internal Affairs Departments for hearings regarding police and fire department matters, and confidential disciplinary proceedings.
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    Foreign Language Translations
    E-Scribe, Inc. is pleased to offer foreign language translation either from English to source language or source to English. This can be accomplished either via phone-in dictation or pre-recorded cassette materials. Translation is also provided via printed materials.
    In addition to foreign translation, we offer foreign language transcription, maintaining the integrity of the source language at all times with printing and/or diskette furnished with the appropriate typeface.
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