1. Do doctors and lawyers trust E-Scribe?

Federally certified by the United States Court System, we annually transcribe over
300,000 pages of general work and legal proceedings conducted for various courts and
tribunals throughout the country. Our strict adherence to HIPAA policies,ensures our
health care clients state of the art procedures with regards to accuracy, quality and confidentiality of all their patient health information.
2. Can clients just "dial and dictate"?
We offer convenient digital phone-in transcription services available with passworded access to guarantee security 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Since time is of the essence for most clients, E-Scribe can ensure a 12 to 24 hour turnaround or even faster service by special request. E-Scribe also provides hand-held dictation equipment, provides foreign language translation and transcription, and completely customized dictation/transcription services.
3. Do you employ "keyboard masters"?
All of our transcriptionists have graduated from accredited schools and have a minimum of five years experience in their specialized fields. We also have a staff of professional editors and medical doctors working within our quality assurance program, proof reading documents "word for word."
4. What distinguishes E-Scribe from competitors?
Most national companies are so large they really can't provide personalized service and smaller companies are too small to handle the volume and maintain accuracy. With E-Scribe, clients can always receive immediate attention and regardless of your transcription needs, we offer a total solution.
5. Why outsource transcription to E-Scribe?
Outsourcing provides a financial savings on multiple levels. Office space need not be allocated for typing services, and better utilized to treat patients or meet with clients. Technology is constantly evolving and by using our services, there is no direct expense to our client base with regard to IT personnel and constant updates and upgrades. The most obvious savings of course, is with E-Scribe, there is no employee compensation package or benefits to be paid. As well, as your practices expand, there is no need to hire additional dedjcated personnel.
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